Tiger Shark Fishing at Night


 ​$650.00 total (not per person) for  6 hours. We will start by bowfishing in the first half of the trip and we'll then use the fish you shot as bait to go rod and reel shark fishing for the second half of the trip.

Up to 3 people and two additional people can be added for an additional $50 and can rotate out on the shooting platform.
  10% Single Shooter Discount

Bull Shark Fishing at Night

​Our Bowfishing Shark Fishing Combo Trip is an exciting night on the water.

For three hours we will shoot at a variety of fish for bait that we will use to catch juvenile Bull sharks on rod and reel.

Catching a shark at night is a unique experience that you'll never forget and using bait that you personally shot makes it even better!  

Daytime Rod and Reel Shark trips are available upon request or visit our sister site at www.extremesharkfishing.com

Sheepshead Bowfishing in Crystal River

Bowfishing / Shark Fishing Combo

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