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Trophy Gator Hunting

Rates for Public Water Hunt

For resident and non-resident hunters who were awarded permits for the Statewide Public Alligator Harvest, we offer a nightly charter rate of $1500 from 9PM - 5AM or until your tags have been filled.

This rate includes all necessary equipment, snacks and beverages. 

Trophy Fees do not apply for tag holders on Public Harvest Hunts.

The Flat Nightly rate of $1500 is for any size gator and any amount of tags you need to fill.


Alligator Hunts

At Florida Bowfishing Charters we specialize in hunting Florida's last living dinosaur. The alligator is one of North America's most dangerous game animals.  Here in Florida, our large population of alligators allow us the ability to provide our clients with multiple shot opportunities in a very short period of time. We cater our gator hunts to a variety of skill levels and size requests. If it's adventure you seek, then let Florida Bowfishing Charters guide you on the hunt of a lifetime. Our year round hunts take place on vast areas of Private Land throughout the state and we have the ability to not only offer our clients day and night hunts, but we can also use a variety of weapons including rifle(during daylight), crossbow, bow and harpoon.

For our resident and non-resident tag holders, we also offer a nightly charter service to help you fill your tags during the

Public Water Gator Season. 
We hope to see your picture in our gator gallery soon!

Rates for Year Round Private Land Hunts

Our private land hunts can be done Day or Night, year round, with any weapon. 

Rifle Hunts can only be done during the day. Pricing is as follows 
Flat Rate up to 8' 11"  $1800 

 9.0 - 9' 11"  $2500

10 - 10' 11"  $3000

11 - 11' 11"   $4000 

 12 - 12' 11"   $5000